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ZenDev - Web and mobile developers

Despite the somewhat fun loving and laid back name of the company, “ZenDev” is at its core founded and operated by hard core engineers heavily focused on delivering quality web and mobile applications, and we take our purpose very seriously, and our clients need even more so.

Web and mobile development are broad terms, but we will humbly say that within that domain, there aren’t many things that we can’t do.

Our technologies

We work with most of the mainstream technologies, and some not so mainstream.


React, Angular, Vue, JQuery, Javascript, HTML, CSS


PHP, Laravel, Drupal, Magento, C#, .NET, Node JS, Java, Linux, AWS


Native iOS, Native Android, Xamarin, React Native, PWA


SQL server, MySQL, PostGresQL, DynamoDB. MongoDB, Redis, Varnish, MemCache, Elasticsearch, Neo4J


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