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Success stories


’’GoCare’’ changed the perception of elderly care with the help of ’’ZenDev’’

With a strategy for function and design, Fanny and her colleagues stood in front of their biggest challenge; who is going to build it? 

- We were very rigorous in not deviating from the original idea and design. We looked for someone who understands us and our needs, somebody that could maintain what was created, explains Fanny Falkenberg, founder and co-owner of Go Care.


ZenDev created a dedicated team that acted as our IT-department for Go Care and had our website as their only focus. Once the website was finished, we came to an agreement for its maintenance plan. There were many details and new ideas from our side that we bounced off of ZenDev. When you work intensively with someone, it’s easy to tear into each other, but ZenDev was very patient and always met us with a nice tone.- It’s quite astonishing, to be frank, says Fanny.


When choosing their technical partner good communication and availability was important to them. Their previous experience taught them that the road can be long and crooked. For that reason, ZenDev assigned one person that would always be available, no matter the needs.

-That gave us a peace of mind. Our contact person knows what we expect from them, and they really are up to the point. From the first moment on, ZenDev has taken a big responsibility, to always assure quality in our collaboration. Fanny finishes by saying, we met with engagement, attentiveness and kindness.


’’LoopMe’’ changes the way in which schools operate with their digital platform tool

’’Me Analytics’’ was at a crossroads, before their new development project with LoopMe; they needed to further develop their Android application, as well as some components of their website. Time was their biggest challenge.

- We just didn’t have the time to do it ourselves. As a small company, taking help in niche areas, we saw the opportunity to achieve a much better end result, explains Patrik Bäckström, lead developer at Me Analytics. 


ZenDev created a remote dedicated team that only worked with Me Analytics and software development of the LoopMe system. Through ZenDev’s methodology and solution, Patrik could work with the company's upcoming project but still act as a product owner to their existing solution. 

- Outsourcing can be scary because you leave the development of one of your products to somebody else. With ZenDev we have always felt safe, throughout the entire process. They really are competent and take responsibility. I have been able to focus more on the future that has been fruitful for us, says Patrik.


For Me Analytics’ clients, it’s important that the LoopMe website and mobile applications are stable and user friendly. To make sure of this, ZenDev assigned two developers, to work with LoopMe.

- We feel very happy with ZenDevs’ service and treatment. They are were nice and positive, listening and understand us. The dialog was always open and simple. With small means that they made us feel secure. Patrik finishes by saying; ZenDev is a big part of us today and has been a deciding factor in our organization.


"Zynka" is extending their internal software development team with "ZenDev"

We have already been in touch with ZenDev and had a good feeling about it, says Emil Eek, Head of Development at Zynka.

In order to create the portal which Zynka envisioned, we used ZenDev for counseling and implementation of the backend part of the product. We worked with ZenDev's dedicated team that acted as an extension of Zynka's IT department. 

- As a team of developers with a focus on frontend, it was of great importance for us, to create good and reliable backend. We have been very pleased with ZenDev's delivery and today they help us with the portal's maintenance. 

We are constantly updating in accordance with the needs of our clients, says Emil.

With Zynkas' growth, ZenDev has also gained trust in supporting them with new projects on site, which means that developers from ZenDev are now sitting in office with Zynka and are an integral part of inhouse development team. 

According to Emil, ZenDev has come to be an important partner that has contributed to the growth of Zynka. We wouldn't have been where we are today if it weren't for ZenDev. 

They are responsive, quick and easy to communicate with.

The trust of our clients which is gained through our services, would not have been as successful without ZenDev. They make us confident in our development, says Emil as his final words.

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